Featured Team Members

Team Members Ranked KR9 Or Higher Earn their own page here!

Players reach rank KR9 within the Org by consistently showing up to their scheduled practices, sharing content regularly, renewing their contract with the org,  going above and beyond to help their teammates or by putting kindness and positivity back into not just our online community but their personal communities as well. 

This ensures players you see here are not just the best of the best but are also those who have done something more cementing their worthiness of the spotlight.

Hello there! I am bobby aka KRKD Soul and I am a player for the Kracked Esports Halo division. I've been playing Halo competitively since Halo Reach

Hey what's up guys. My name is Dustin also know as PaganSquirrel9,Squirrel, or Pagan whatever is easiest for you. Ive been a gamer my entire life and have dreamed of one day playing on the big stage streamed in front of millions. That hasn't happened...YET. I've played video games since like PlayStation 1ish??? But ever since then my love has...

Hey I'm Steven, I'm The Founder and Owner of Kracked Esports . I've been a Semi Pro Esports player for several years now and am a former GS9 of On Point Gaming. I was born and raised in Long Island New York till age 8 when I moved to Raliegh North Carolina back in 2007. My birthday is February 21st...