Frequently Asked Questions.

Below you will find a list of the answers to some of the most common questions:

1.) Q: When was Kracked Esports™ First Established?

A: Kracked Esports™ was first established in early 2010 originally under the name Primal Esports and was later rebranded Kracked Esports™ May 28th 2020.

2.)  Q: How do I become a Player for Kracked Esports™?

A: You must first fill out a player application which can be found on the top of our site directory, once filled out the Org Founder will Review your Application and as long as it is filled out correctly, we are recruiting for the game you applied for and you are old enough to join the organization, The Org Founder or the coach for our game division you applied for will contact you to schedule a Tryout, should you pass Tryouts you will be sent the player contract which must be signed before you can officially become a player for Kracked Esports™.

3.) Q: Can I Join Kracked Esports™ If I'm already on a Team?

A: That depends on if your team belongs to another Clan or Organization. If your team belongs to another clan or organization and the full team wishes to join Kracked Esports™ your full team would have to officially resign and cut all ties with you're current organization or clan, (Kracked Esports™ will not buy out contracts) after doing so each individual must tryout and fill out their own application as mentioned above in Q/A #2  and As long as everyone on your team passes the application process, tryouts, and signs the player contract, your full team will be able to join Kracked Esports™ and retain your team's roster. This same information applies to teams who do not belong to another clan or Organization and to Individual players already in a clan or organization only Difference is in the case of individual recruitment would also depend on whether we have an opening on a team for the relative game for you or not.

4.) Q:  If I become a player for your Organization will I get paid?

A: Yes and No, There is no guaranteed pay or salary for our players. Tournament prize money is always divided amongst the players on the Roster who won it, in other words, if your team wins money your team gets to keep the money, However, 10% Of all winnings goes to the Organization, Out of which 5% Is set aside to fund future Tournament entries for paid events and For jerseys for players who can not afford them, and the remaining 5% Goes to pay the Org Founder, Running The Organization is a Full-Time Job and hosting the website costs money.  As stated the remaining (90%) gets divided evenly amongst the players on the team who won it. Additionally, If and when the Org has adequate revenue through our affiliate codes being used players ranked KR9 in the organization who actively share and promote the affiliate codes on their streams and social media will get a cut of those profits. So, will you make money? Yes absolutely! , will you be paid a salary by the organization or have guaranteed pay? No, you will not. This however will be something that changes as the Org grows and larger sponsorships are obtained. The finer details of player payment are outlined in in-depth detail in our Player Contract.

5.)  Q: I'm starting my own Team, Clan, or Organization and I want to Copy your Organization's Logo for my own, What is stopping me from doing this?

A: The answer is Simple, United States Copyright Law. Our Logo is the property of The Organization Founder and Owner who holds full copyright ownership. Any use of our logo or a logo directly copying it or its likeness by ANY party be it a Business, Team, Organization, Clan, or Individual for ANY reason without first receiving express written permission from our Org Founder who holds all Copyrights pertaining to all Kracked Esports™ Graphics, will be met with a Cease and Desist Order, Followed by Further Legal Action should the Cease and Desist not be Adhered to.