Kracked Esports Teams

Below you will find the List of our Divisions with a list of each divisions Teams/Squads and the Players currently on each squad Sorted By Game in Alphabetical Order.

Apex Legends Division

Apex Legends Division: Coach: TruBlu2KRKD 

Kracked Esports Gold:



Kracked  Esports Red (PC Only Squad):

KRKD RexAlopex

KRKD FreeChuckaNut


Kracked Esports Blue:


TruBlu2 KRKD (Captain)

Kracked Esports Black:

KRKD RHECornbr3ad

KRKD PaganSquirrel9

KRKD Dekufairytale

Kracked Esports Green:

KRKD Starlax

KRKD MichyyV

KRKD ChummyFoo

Kracked Esports Purple aka The B team!:

KRKD Entree (Alternate for KRKD Blue)

 KRKD MrMumbles

KRKD TheArkOfZero

KRKD RadicalPlayz

KRKD TeamPlayerTy

KRKD  Gavin

**This Squad will consist of Alternates from other squads and Players in Training so they may practice and compete while their main squads aren't in need of them. Those with hectic schedules may also be placed here till a squad can be recruited that their schedule works with. The main squads will still pull them as an Alternate when needed.** 

Call Of Duty Division

The Call of Duty Division moves to each new CoD game as they release for the purpose of Competing. 

Division Coach: KRKD rogue

CoD Squad Alpha (Xbox):

KRKD rogue 

KRKD fixdacanoe


CoD Squad Beta:

KRKD Savag3 

Fortnite Division:

Fortnite Squad Alpha:

TruBlu2 KRKD (Captain)

LittleLerm (Co Captian)


KRKD Savag3

Halo Division


Division Coach: KRKD Savag3

Halo Squad Mjolnir (Alpha):

KRKD Savag3 (Captain)

KRKD FixDaCanoe

KRKD DjCooli

Overwatch Division


Division Coach: 

Squad Alpha (Xbox):



Rogue Company Divison

Rogue Company Squad 1

KRKD Starlax

KRKD rogue 

KRKD Savag3

Rocket League Division


Division Coach: Trublu2KRKD

Squad alpha:

TruBlu2 KRKD (Captain)

Warzone Division

Division Coach: KRKD ChunkyMonkey

Alpha Sqaud:

KRKD ChunkyMonkey

Beta Squad: