Steven (KRKD Savag3) Founder & Owner, Halo Coach.


About Steven (KRKD Savag3)

Hey, I'm Steven, I'm The Founder and Owner of Kracked Esports. I've been a Semi-Pro Esports player for several years now and am a former GS9 of On Point Gaming. I was born and raised in Long Island New York till age 8 when I moved to Raleigh North Carolina back in 2007.  My birthday is February 21st, 1999, I am Single and looking, I love animals and hanging out with friends and Family. I breed Reptiles and 3D Print as Side jobs/hobbies. I own 2 small businesses in addition to the org, 3DPrintzBySavage and SavageBestiary. I mostly play FPS games such as Halo, Call of Duty, Destiny, and Battlefield but I also play Overwatch, League Of Legends, Hearthstone, and Magic The Gathering both IRL and digitally. Halo Is my favorite game of all time. I'm also the one who made this Website as well as most of the player's individual Logos and commissioned the team logos and jerseys. I'm jersey Number 01. I am also sponsored by and partnered with many brands such as Razer, InsaneLabz, Fatal Grips, GoatGuns, EpicGames(as a creator)  , and more! #RazerStreamer 

"Whatever does not kill me, should run!" -Unknown