Dustin (PagenSquirrel) Admin, Co Apex Coach


About PagenSquirrel:

Hey what's up guys. My name is Dustin also know as PaganSquirrel9,Squirrel, or Pagan whatever is easiest for you. Ive been a gamer my entire life and have dreamed of one day playing on the big stage streamed in front of millions. That hasn't happened...YET. I've played video games since like PlayStation 1ish??? But ever since then my love has grown. I mainly play FPS style games with MMORPG games thrown in every now and then. Top games are probably any call of duty/battlefield, RDR series, Any Bethesda title, and DayZ. I've been with the team since early 2019(?) and loved every moment of it. Thanks to savage and the team he's brought together I've grown and a better leader and player.well yeah words emotions and stuff. Catch y'all on the leaderboards. I'm Jersey Number 99!