These Are The Org Rules.  (These rules are not for the Kracked Esports Hosted Tournaments and Scrims Community)

1. Be Mature. 

2. No excessive mic spamming. Mic spamming will not be tolerated. Example: screaming in the mic, random noise making etc...

  3. No Hacking/exploiting games. 

4. Do not disrespect any member or admin. Disrespect toward anyone will result in disciplinary action. We do not take this kindly. 

5. ONLY Recruiters can recruit members. (References are allowed. If you have a friend who's interested in joining but you aren't a recruiter simply pass there info onto either a recruiter or one of the Leaders or Admins and they will see to it that he/she is recruited.) 

6. Follow the Chain of Command! We have a chain of command in many games. Please Follow It! Do not go over your superior's head with matters under any circumstances! if for some reason your would-be Superior(s) are not following rules it is acceptable to report it directly to the admins or The Org Owner. 

  7. No racist or sexist comments. We have members from each gender, and we have members of different orientation and religion. Jokes are fine and all as long as everyone is aware and sees them as jokes! Singling out someone as a joke or for a joke is in no means funny it is straight up bullying and will not be tolerated by any means! 

8. All Team/Community Affiliated game servers will not allow cheating, cussing, team killing, foul or racial language and nick names. 

9. Always treat people fairly and act civil to people in such a way that is Fitting of the Org And Community you will be representing. This goes for both online interactions and in person interactions remember If you're playing a game, walking down the street or working at your job first and foremost you are representing our Org and must conduct yourself as such! Plus, its always best to Be Positive, Kind and to have Compassion then, not Right?

10. You can't be in or Associated with any other clans, teams, Orgs, guilds, squadrons, etc. when in our Org! If you're a member of or associated with any other teams or Orgs on MLG or otherwise you will have to officially leave those teams/Orgs and cease any participation in any of their activities before joining Kranked Esports. if your found to be in or Associated with any other team/Org other than ours at any point in time you will be instantly removed from the team and no longer be a member of Kranked Esports! 

11. Help other members of the Team. (Not Mandatory though highly advised that you help one another.) 

12. Team leaders and Division Coaches and Captains are ultimately responsible for making sure their Team/Squad members are contributing to the Org. 

13. The Org Founder/Owner has final say in any and all situations regardless of any other factors. 

14. All members must be 18 years or older! There are exceptions to this rule such as the applicant is at least 16 years of age, mature, are good enough at the game there applying for and the game there applying for allows for there age group to compete in officall tournaments and events. IF YOU AREN'T AT LEAST 16 YEARS OF AGE NO EXCEPTIONS WILL ALLOW YOU TO JOIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Lying about your age on Your application will lead to immediate termination from the org without warning.

15. Anyone who is found impersonating a member of Kranked Esports in any capacity will have action taken against them. We do not tolerate this by any means. This includes any Former members who were removed and or left the Org for any reason! once you're out that's it! You cannot continue saying "You're in Kranked Esports" unless you want Legal action taken against you! We Take this very seriously as for this could affect our reputation and can be considered Slander if it affects the org in a negative manner. 

16. HAVE FUN! One of the things people often forget when it comes to Esports and such is that it's supposed to be Fun not stressful! We are Playing Video Games after all! 

17. It is required to be in the Org Discord Server. so, you can receive all Announcements, Important Info, Attend Meetings and Engage with your fellow Teammates.

18.) Many Players in our Org Live Stream and Or Record Practices, Game battles, Etc. This is a requirement as of 08/22/2019. When you Stream or Record any Team Activities at all it is required that you Mention the Twitch, YouTube , etc. channel names of the Team Mates you're playing with both in your stream/recording , in your description box and social media post where applicable such as the YouTube description box . You also must have a Panel in your Twitch Channel Panel section Dedicated to the Org with a the team logo and some info about the Org & a Link to the team website for the entire time you're a member of the Org to help spread exposure for the Org. 

19.) It is required that all players who Stream, Record or Use Social media help share affiliate codes and aid in advertising our Sponsors. for example, posting a Positive "review" of a product from our sponsors along with a picture of said product on Instagram at least twice a month. 

  20.) As Of 08/22/2019 We Require all players have a Social Media Presence of some kind! A Public Instagram at Minimum. When in the Org you must include somewhere in your Bio(s) that you are in Kranked Esports how you word it doesn't matter as long as it's in your Bio(s). You must also post on a regular basis about the Org be it screenshots of the scoreboard from a practice with your squad that went well, etc. in addition to posting regularly to maintain a viewership in general. 

21.) Do not discuss Private Org Matters outside of org meetings and the private org members only channels of the discord or with anyone who is not in the org. 

22.) You must Notify The Org Owner if you will be In active or unable to attend practices or Tournaments for any Reason! 

23.) You Must Attend ALL Practices for your Division!  If you miss more than 3 Practices in a row without Notifying your Division Coach or The Org Owner in advance with Adequate Reasoning such as a Legitimate Emergency or a Work Emergency You will be Subject to be Terminated from the Org at Strike 3.